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uVme is a new online entertainment website, that will have unique games and allow 'online social networking' the ability to interact with other users.

uVme combines online skill gaming, social networking, instant messaging to allow members to invite others to a game, blogs and much more.

We are expecting to have 'First mover advantage' and therefore to obtain a massive market share. A pre-launch meeting was held on the 15th July 2007 to explain 'uVme' and it was clear to all that this has the potential to be in every house, in every town, in every country.

The compensation plan includes the standard monthly commission, fast start bonuses, matching bonuses and even includes a revenue share to help associates cover their costs. These are just a few of the compensation jewels visit the website for a full breakdown.

uVme is due to launch in Autumn 2007.

If you would like to be kept up to date with more details as they are released to the public please visit the website to register, it only takes a couple of minutes and costs nothing.

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